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Periodontal Therapy

Annual tooth loss from untreated chronic periodontitis is 0.6 teeth. But when patients have proper treatment, such as deep cleaning or periodontal surgery, and with having good maintenance protocol, the annual tooth loss is decreased to 0.11 teeth.

Dental Implant Therapy

The dental implant procedure is more popular these days. Having a good treatment plan and a well-trained implant dentist is very important for the success of dental implant procedures and minimal complications after.

Tissue Graft

Tissue graft around teeth or implants can reduce the sensitivity and will give a better aesthetic to the patient. Also, this procedure will increase support and prevent possible decay, periodontitis, and possible tooth loss.

Laser assisted Regenerative Surgery

Laser assisted regeneration surgery will create a new periodontium around teeth and implant. This will allow a better aesthetic outcome compared to traditional osseous surgery.  

Bone Graft

Bone Graft including ridge augmentation, socket graft and sinus augmentation will preserve and create new bone. This will allow to place right size of implant placement and long term success.   

Dental Cleaning

Through and meticulous dental cleaning prevent bacteria formation and  dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease. 

Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery

  • Recent study on LANAP procedure present comparable result to traditional pocket reduction surgery.
  • The laser targeted the specific bad gum bacteria and no cutting and sewing is involved in this procedure. 
  • This allows the tissues can heal more easily and faster.

Piezoelectric Periodontal Surgery

  • The specific frequency allows doctors to cut hard tissue precisely and safely. At the same time, it cause minimal trauma on adjacent soft tissue and nerves.
  • The device allows a minimal intraoperative bleeding and minimal thermal damage. This lead to faster and more comfortable postoperative wound healing.

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